Liturgy of the Word with Children

Liturgy of the Word with Children


The Liturgy of the Word for children is part of our parish program of Christian Initiation. We seek to initiate children from junior kindergarten (JK) to Grade 3 into the life and worship of the parish community. We also welcome Grade 4 children who have not yet received First Communion.

The objective of this ministry is to enable children to hear and celebrate the Word of God in a manner suited to their age and understanding. We try to help children experience Sunday Worship as a joy filled celebration. We follow basic format of the Liturgy of the Word so that children are introduced to the rubrics and rhythms of adult liturgy. The program is offered for Sunday mass from September to end of June. The session runs about 20-25mins.

Are you interested to join this wonderful ministry? Would you volunteer your time to be a seed sower for God to the little ones?

If interested, please leave your name, email address and phone number with church secretary during office hour or contact Dorine Couture (

Lord, teach our children

                  to cling to the Heart of Christ,

                 to cling to the Cross of Christ,

                to cling to the Mother of Christ.

                                                Bl. John Sullivan